Rustic Beech Mini-Board

Solid wood rustic beech mini-board. A great addition to your kitchen, your country kitchen, your outdoor kitchen and a marvellous gift for the budding chef in your family. Perfect for Dining and Food preparation. This unique rustic board is handcrafted at Boglands, in the County of Offaly, using locally sourced timber. Size: 250 x 160 x 30mm (approxinate size)

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The Rustic Beech Mini-Board

This Rustic Beech Mini-Board is perfect for Cheese, Meats, Kitchen, and also, Indoor and Outdoor condiment use. This beech mini-board is lovingly handcrafted at Boglands in the County of Offaly, Ireland.

Solid, robust, and with a rustic beauty. This beech board will last for an age with a small amount of TLC, and oil.

This mini-board has a rustic, undulating finish and is seasoned with olive oil.

If you are a fan of rustic objects then this beech board will make a great addition to your life, your kitchen, your dining and your cooking.

Bog Man Boards: Rustic, Robust, Beautiful and Functional.

Made from locally sourced timber.

Dimensions: 250 x 160 x 30mm

Please ensure this board is the right size for your needs.

Board care:

Rinse or scrub as necessary with warm soapy water ensuring the removal of all food. Drip dry or wipe dry with a lint free cloth. Oil with olive oil (or another food oil). Wood is hygroscopic so it will absorb moisture. The oil helps to prevent this.

Do’s and Do Not’s (Please)

  • Do wash the board with warm soapy water.
  • Do oil the board regularly – you can not cause any damage by over-oiling.
  • Do store the board on a flat surface (not on its edge).
  • Do not leave items such as cheese on the board for long periods as stains may develop.
  • Do not leave items made from steel, such as food cans, on the board for long periods as the iron content may react with the wood causing stains.
  • Do not immerse the board in water, or wash it in a dishwasher.
  • Do not subject the board to significant changes in temperature, e.g. by placing it on a stove or radiator.

Enjoy your board, and do please send in a photo of it in action for our users gallery.

Note: All boards are hand crafted from natural wood so no two are exactly alike.


Additional information


Locally Sourced Beech

Size (approx)

Length 250mm – Width 160mm – Thickness 30mm


Rustic Finish


Seasoned with Olive Oil


Hand Crafted at Boglands, County Offaly, Ireland

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